Monday, July 26, 2010

Record of Goetic working with Vassago

by Frater Post Tenebras Lux

For night two of our Goetic workshop, we chose to summon the spirit Vassago and ask an oracle for the coming year for Dove and Serpent Oasis, and also to ask him to use his power to find things lost and hidden to help us find the membership we need to obtain and sustain a freestanding temple space. I (Frater Post Tenebras Lux) was the operator. Sister A. was the seer. Brother B. scribed, and thoughtfully made an audio recording which helped to fill in the gaps later for anything missed.

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An iv18 Sol 2° Leo, Luna 21° Capricorn
Dies Saturnii
Saturday, July 24, 2010 e.v. 10:00 PM

When I completed the conjuration I asked the seer, as I always do, "Do you have a presence?" She nodded and replied "yes." "Do you need it stronger?" I asked. If the seer replies affirmatively I repeat the first conjuration. She acted confused and murmured, "I don't know." Clearly, the question wasn't even understood - this was NOT Sister A. I was speaking with. The spirit was here, so I gave the welcome then proceeded to ask for the oracle.

Operator: "We ask thee, noble Prince Vassago, for an oracle for the year ahead for Dove and Serpent Oasis, for any foresight which can help us in the coming year to grow in knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment and that might help us overcome any obstacles before us in this time."

Vassago: "Seek out temples of learning, perform many rituals, a great rift is coming for the entire world, you will be unshaken, seek out those that seek to better their minds, you will find them in halls of learning, you will find them in halls of art and dance and paint,

"Go forth if ye will, hold those close to you, they are already here, and this becomes like a bond."

"Travel past your boundaries, be bold, be fearless be filled with joy, find rapture in what you do, from worlds of misfortune you will be gifted with new blood."

[Long pause]

Operator: "Does this conclude the oracle?"

Vassago: "Only if you wish it."

Operator: "Do you have more to impart to us?"

Vassago: "Yes"

Operator: "Then by all means, we would hear it."

Vassago: "Fill your banquet tables with rare delights, and rare wines, soon royalty will be passing through, guard one another, soon you will have your temple, do not tarry, (?) there is much work (?)"

"Keep pets, care for them as totems and they will serve as familiar, translate your message into many languages and many nomenclatures do not be limited in its breadth"

"Thrill with the experience of flesh, the joys of the living, brief as they are."

"There is some special news coming, news that will heal."

"Travel and adventure, leave the buildings and cages, find those places that are most alive

"clear (?) with recent leaves (?)" [I do not remember this part - Frater Post Tenebras Lux]

[Another lengthy pause, perhaps twice as long this time.]

Operator: "Does this conclude the oracle?"

Vassago: "Yes"

[The oracle had been so long and detailed - it seemed much longer at the time, receiving it slowly, than it does now writing it out - that I spontaneously re-worded our previously written charge as a request rather than a command. Vassago was agreeable.]

Operator: "Then according to thy power to find things lost and hidden, we ask thee also, noble Prince Vassago, to muster the 26 legions of spirits under thy command and, while harming no one, to assist us in finding and connecting with the strong, enthusiastic and fraternal members we need for our group to grow, to prosper into our own temple, and to further the Great Work."

"Do as we ask, fulfill this charge well and faithfully, and we shall raise thee up even as we are raised up, letting those who come to our group know of your powerful help and faithful service."

"Are you agreeable to this?"

"Of course."

"Is it clear?"

"It is clear."

[Gave license to depart and the spirit left. Showed the seer the hexagram a few moments, asked if the spirit had departed and, on receiving an affirmative reply, covered the mirror and triangle with a black cloth and proceeded to close and banish.]

************ ********* ********* *******

Many thanks to Sister A., who is an awesome seer, and Brother B. for scribing!

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