Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Party's Gone

by Atalanta's Star

I've come back
But I'm not the same
the party's gone
but the bare cement
and pillars of this warehouse
are smooth and dusty
you can see the sunlight through the dust of the window
white with the ephemeral angels of gold light
casting their approving light
like a lover reclining against a rock
while she thinks of the meeting just ended

I am more like the obelisk outside
that faces the desert
then these strong, cold pillars
separated by the ceiling they hold aloft

I am more like the sunlight now than I've ever been
that natural pillar of God
through and before which these creatures walk and speak

and you laugh
my dove and light
that time cannot affect
as bright and without space
as infinitely necessary to reveal this place
as the minds and hands that built it
because when you smile I see it as it had not been
and I had forgotten
my heart and inner eye open up to being awake
I am more here
my eye and heart more open
but coming from somewhere more far off
like the sun in the sky
the sun in my soul
that shined before I was ever born

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