Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Received Transmission by Soror Akanada

She? Sheba?

Retract and protect. Blessings.
The quickest way is diagonal, contrary to most.
She will appear many times on that path starting young, then growing, then at her height at the End. Then a new path begins. This cycle goes on infinitely. She is not there to assist, but to distract, until you reach the End, then her fullness is known.

(A female voice, not her, but her Mother. The first cannot speak, she is another product of Sophia and her consort.)

The purpose of these children is to test. Some are more horrific than the first.

(This energy is both retractive and reflective.)

Her image appears again in young girl form. She is completely wild, like she was raised by animals. She has many snakes, in her hair, hands, and around her waist. But all knowledge resides in her eyes. This image may be what eventually became Medusa. ( In a previous transmission, it was said that to stand before Medusa was a form of initiation; those who could accept her gaze (knowledge) were unharmed and were blessed. Those who feared her and were not accepting of the scope of her knowledge, perished. Her eyes first look human, then go black.)

The act of transferring knowledge into action is symbolized by the eye in the palm of the hand. The element associated with this shift is fire.

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