Monday, August 8, 2011

Advice to my nephew on his 1st birthday

by Frater 222

life, he himself said once, is awake,
livit or kick it – a phrase which the
establisher of the world – said his
p’s and mind mined his Q’s by…

crypticly through the windowdisks and with
eddying waves, the round eyes – at the
first crack of thunder – awoke the pair
headed Arden…

I call our universe to witness – any dog’s
Life you list & - the abundant mercy of
Him which Thundereth on High – Chuffy
Was an Angel whose soared flesh Lighted Like Likeing…

And how to say – it is what is – what
Is that O’ Holy Troopers – the whole
Thingamabob – including the portions of glee
Glue green; for up you stumble – for with glee
You guess - 4 with search you fling – over the wiles
Of the Willy – Wooly - & Woolfy…

[of the WWWorld]

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