Monday, August 8, 2011

Kether → Binah → Tiphareth → Yesod → Malkuth

by Soror Reynard

Kether   Binah   Tiphareth   Yesod   Malkuth




Malkuth   Yesod   Tiphareth   Binah   Kether

What is lowest is highest. The path from the all shining star to the earth runs parallel to the reverse of same. Flow down the ladder of Truth from ALL to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Compassion, from Compassion to Foundation, from Foundation to Kingdom.

That which is ALL is all Truth. From all Truth comes Knowledge of the serpent in flight. From this Knowledge comes Compassion for all beings in their infinite possibility, their pure potential. All beings hold the winged serpent, though not all will awaken. Maintain Compassion for this thought. Compassion flows down in beauty to Foundation. Foundation of what? The dark city, the city of towers and its foundation of moonstone is the abode of those who will change. Change is the Foundation of the Universe.

And the Kingdom? The land of men. Of this I can only hazard little. The Kingdom is the land of Kings. In order to reach the heights, I must root myself here. Here! Be here, be thine own. The spirit is strong, but the spirit devoid of the body’s power can hold no change in this realm of earth. Here, the physical reigns supreme. If I am not in the body, I have no power here. I am waltzing through the Foundation with no ties to the Kingdom. Mentally, I will make strides, but my will is more than mental working. My will is to rejoice in all daily motions, all movements, all laughter, all sensations of feeling.

As above, so below. Let the power come down through the serpent’s wings. Give life to this body that moves so dully. Am I dreaming? Check your hands. See, that is better – you are awake.

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