Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Firm Foundation

Concrete was poured into the new space about 5 days ago. It has cured enough for us to begin moving equipment in and finally start work inside. The new space is roughly 2,040 sq. ft., a huge difference from the Cabbagetown location.

New bathroom appliances have ben purchased and are awaiting eventual installation.

The outside portion of the bar has been moved into the space as well. But it will not be in use until a large number of tasks are taken care of first.

The concrete work is not totally complete. The initial pour did not go up to the foundation walls edge due to the vapor barrier that was initially in place. We have cut away the barrier areas as needed and will use a diamond blade concrete saw to cut a clean edge down the length of the floor in several places to clean the jagged concrete edges left behind from the initial pour. Once this is complete we will pour more concrete and finish these open areas to ensure our floor is against the foundation walls without any issue. This will be some tough work with the diamond saw, but worth the effort as we need a clean, even foundation to afix our pressure treated 2x4 wall plates to as well as our new entry way door.

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