Saturday, May 9, 2015

Little Help From My Brothers

Brother Rob and Brother Scott came over to the space today and we got a lot of work completed. Very impressed with the progress we made.

The wall and doorway for the bathroom are in place. The bathroom is so much larger than the old space that you can't even compare the two spaces. There was even some discussion today about installing a claw foot tub in there as well... it's big enough for sure.

Good bye shoilet! If you still aren't sure what a shoilet is or saw the one at the old space, Urban dictionary had this to say about it — "A disfunctional bathroom setup whereby a shower and a toilet exist in a barrier free environment. Commonly found in the dormitories of Sienese universities, these cramped and unthoughtfully designed bathrooms typically decrease the occupant's will to live."

We also started to frame the columns and half walls that separate the common area form the temple area. We'll probably utilize the space inside the half walls for storage. The columns themselves will have small niches put into them. These ornamental recesses will act as small alter spaces.

The wall also went up for the E.G.C. dressing room. This is where the team can get ready before Mass and store all of their clothing and equipment.

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